XTC v58



  • The copy-to-clipboard functionality for properties has been redesigned. It is now available wherever properties are shown in read-only form. Hover with the mouse over the properties and click the now-appearing button to copy the properties to the clipboard.
  • Other UI fixes and improvements.

Load Testing

  • The project-wide default lifetime of load test report/result shares is now limited to 180 days as well.
  • Load tests may now have a custom background color in the load test table. Use this feature to “visually group” load tests that belong together or simply mark certain load tests so that they stand out and can be found again easily. To assign a color, open the Edit Description dialog and select the desired color. To return to the default background, deselect the currently selected color.
  • In the load test table, the duration of a load test is now shown in the hhh:mm:ss format.
  • The Download/Store Dependencies operations taking place before/after the build of your load test suite are now displayed as additional steps on the Status tab of a load test.
  • Creating a load test report may fail for several reasons, for example because of invalid report generator settings in your test suite. The Error link next to a failed report will now open the console log of the report generator. This way you should get an idea what the actual reason for that failure was.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified November 14, 2022