XTC v52



  • XTC is now protected against brute-force password attacks. After six unsuccessful login attempts, the respective user account is locked for one hour.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements.

Load Testing

  • XTC now supports Amazon as an alternative cloud provider for load test agent machines. Either use Amazon machines only or mix them with Google or Hetzner machines as needed. The configuration of AWS agent machines for your load test is very similar to Google.
  • Support for the Hetzner cloud is still experimental.
  • When viewing a load test report page with many charts on it, it could happen that not all charts were loaded, esp. with Chrome browser. This effect should occur less frequently now, if at all.
  • Load test runs with many errors produce a lot of additional diagnostic data that could make the result set huge. Now such results contain less files. Result and report archives are also stored much faster.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:


  • Monitoring alerts may now be sent not only as email or text message, but also via Slack. Configure the target Slack channel(s) as new recipients in the Scenario Defaults and en/disable them on scenario level as needed. Note that for Slack alerts to work, you’ll first need to set up Slack for your monitoring project as outlined here.
  • All browsers and related Web drivers have been updated to their latest available version.
Last modified July 11, 2022