XTC v57



  • When viewing the detail pages of a project in XTC, the title of the browser window/tab now names the current org and project. This helps to locate the right window/tab in case you have multiple projects open in your browser at the same time.
  • Both monitoring and load testing projects have functionality that can be configured with properties. The properties editor control now features a copy-to-clipboard button. Click this button to copy the complete properties text to the clipboard for pasting it elsewhere in XTC or outside of it. Note that copy-to-clipboard is not supported for secret properties.
  • Users are notified by email when they have been invited to join an org/project or whenever their role in an org/project has changed. These notification emails now contain links to the respective org/project so users can go there directly from their email client.
  • Minor UI fixes and improvements.

Load Testing

  • It is now possible to delete multiple load tests at once. From the load test table, select the load tests in question using the respective check boxes and click the new DELETE button at the top of the table.
  • The project tile of load testing projects on your dashboard displays indicators whether the project has load tests that are currently running or are scheduled to run at a later time. However, these indicators were shown only intermittently. This is fixed now.
  • It is now easier to reschedule a load test that had been scheduled before, but was unscheduled later on. XTC now suggests the last known start date/time so users do not have to enter it once again.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified October 24, 2022