Audit Log

Information about which user did what in a project.

To view the audit log for an organization, your account must at least have the role of an organization administrator within the organization.

To view the audit log for a project, your account must at least have the role of a project administrator within the project.

XTC comes with an Audit Log. Use this feature to learn which activity has been performed by which user at which time. This can be useful to check whether another user or the system triggered a change, and what exactly has been changed.

The Audit Log page in your organization shows just organization-related activities while the Audit Log page in a project lists activities for that project only.

The audit log table of a load testing project.

Entries in the audit log expire automatically after 180 days.

Filtering the Audit Log

Use the search/filter controls available at the audit log tables to narrow down the list of activities. The search bar allows to filter events by user name or email address.

Filtering the audit log by email address.

In the filter popup you can define a time range in which to look for events as well as the event types you are interested in (you can select one or more from a dropdown list).

Filtering the audit log for a time range and event type.

Search and filter can also be combined.

Last modified October 18, 2023