XTC v74



  • Inactive projects can now be deleted from the Projects page in your organization. Archived projects must still be made active (or inactive) before they can be deleted.
  • Various minor UI improvements.

Load Testing

  • The Dashboard page of a load testing project now lists the most important load tests and reports. This currently includes:
    • The last executed and upcoming (i.e. scheduled) load tests.
    • All pinned load tests.
    • All pinned load test reports.
  • When creating a custom load test report, the Create Report dialog now displays the result from which the report will be created in the dialog title. Use this information to verify that you have selected the correct result.
  • The load testing backend now uses UTF-8 as the default platform encoding again. This fixes these issues:
    • Special characters in Java source files in your test suite may have been misinterpreted if your pom.xml file did not specify a source file encoding.
    • Chart files with German umlauts in their names would not load when viewing a load test report.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified October 27, 2023