Export of Scenario Execution Data

To use this feature, your account must at least have the role of a reviewer within the project.

Export of Scenario Execution Data

Sometimes you need to know in retrospect when the monitoring scenarios reported issues with your site in the past and what happened exactly. XTC is not able to store this information forever, but deletes it after a certain time.

Automatically Exported Execution Data

However, to enable you to analyze issues at a later time, XTC automatically exports scenario execution data in condensed form as a CSV file once a month. The file contains the most important data of each scenario execution only, i.e. neither screenshots nor logs.

You can download the exported files from the Exports page in your monitoring project:

Download automatically generated execution data by clicking the filename.

Manual Export of Execution Data

It is also possible to manually export scenario executions from the last 31 days, either all available executions or only those that ended with a certain result or match a certain search phrase in the chosen time range. To this end, open the History page of your monitoring project, filter the entries as needed, and click the Export button to download the resulting CSV file to your disk:

Download execution data from history by clicking Export to CSV.

Last modified February 18, 2022