XTC v68


Load Testing

New Execution Environment XLT 7.x

Load tests in XTC are executed with XLT, our tool to perform load and performance tests. Recently, Xceptance released a new major version 7.x of XLT. This version comes with new features, but also incompatible changes, so you will need to migrate your existing load test suites to XLT 7. Please consult the XLT 7.x release notes to learn what is new and what migration steps are needed.

Since migrating your load test suites to XLT 7 may take some time, XTC lets you choose between the previous XLT execution environment 6.x and the new execution environment 7.x for a limited period of time. This means that while you can continue your current load testing activities uninterrupted, you should also plan and perform the migration of your test suites in time. Note that in October 2023, the previous XLT 6.x execution environment will be retired and the new 7.x execution environment will be the only one available.

XTC helps to manage that transition. Project administrators can define in the project settings which version of XLT should be the default one. Go to Project > Settings > Execution > Execution Environment and choose an XLT version. You will want to adjust this setting when you start a new project or when you are done migrating your test suite. The default version will be effective when creating a new load test, but not when duplicating an existing one.

Testers may override this default for a particular load test in the settings of that load test. Open Load Test > Settings > Common Machine Configuration and choose the desired version of the execution environment. Use this to test your migrated code (probably on another Git repository branch) with the new version before switching to this version in general.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the aggregated storage usage values for the current month were not updated over the month.
  • Special characters in the name or description of a load test were not displayed correctly in the HTML load test report. Same for a custom report comment.


  • Invitations for users to join your organization or project in XTC are now valid for 30 days.
  • Saving an item in the UI without making any changes won’t create an UPDATE audit log event any longer.
  • Minor fixes and wording improvements in the UI.
Last modified June 26, 2023