XTC v83



  • Minor improvements and fixes that are not user-facing.

Load Testing

  • XTC caches the local Maven repository for a load testing project to speed up the build time of your test suite. However, if the cached repository was corrupted somehow, subsequent builds were likely to fail. Whenever XTC detects an integrity issue for the cached repository, the build will now fetch all required dependencies anew and update the cache such that subsequent builds can profit from it again.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
    • XLT 7.x → 7.3.0 (deprecated, will be retired on June 11, 2024) - If you are still using the XLT 7.x execution environment, please migrate your test suite to XLT 8.x as soon as possible!
    • XLT 8.x → 8.1.0 (recommended, but migration needed)
Last modified May 21, 2024