XTC v80



  • API v2 (still in preview)
    • The load test “utility” endpoint /public/api/v2/{org}/projects/{project}/load-tests/{id}) has been extended with a variant to update the name and the description of a load test. See the API Explorer for details.
    • The endpoints for querying the list of projects and the list of load tests now support paging, filtering, and sorting via query string parameters. Again, see the API Explorer for details.
  • Date/time input fields are now accompanied by buttons to quickly set a time value relative to the current time (now, +30min, +1h, +2h, +3h, +6h).
  • The minimum width of all tables has been increased so that tables no longer shrink to fit the screen, but instead provide a horizontal scroll bar. Especially on small screens, this may require the user to scroll through tables. However, the information displayed is now often displayed in full length rather than truncated to a few characters.

Load Testing

  • The agents of the XLT 8.x execution environment have been updated to use XLT 8.1.0. This version fixes a spurious issue when parsing HTML.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:


  • Monitoring projects now support the recording and evaluation of Web Vitals. As a prerequisite, monitoring test suites must use XLT 8.x.
    • Web Vitals metric values are recorded during the execution of a monitoring scenario.
    • You can define success criteria on Web Vitals.
    • For long-term evaluation, Web Vitals are displayed on the new Web Vitals dashboard on the Metrics page.
  • Scenario execution export files are no longer automatically deleted after 1.5 years, but are retained indefinitely. Please note that this may change in the future.
Last modified April 8, 2024