XTC v82



API Audit Log

In addition to the existing audit log for user and system activities, XTC now provides an audit log for API calls. Use this log to review all activities initiated by your automated processes. API calls that target an organization are listed in the organization’s audit log, while calls that target a project are listed in the project’s audit log. To view the audit logs, you must have the Organization Administrator role, or Project Administrator role respectively.

The Audit Log pages for your organization and projects have been redesigned to show the User Audit Log and the new API Audit Log on separate tabs.

The API audit log is conceptually similar to the user audit log, but contains different information. A table displays the most important details for an API call, such as time, activity type, request method, and URL. Each log entry can be expanded to show additional details, such as the client ID used, the user agent string, and additional input/output data where applicable.

API Audit Log

Similar to the user audit log, the API audit log table can be sorted and filtered. To filter, enter text in the search field and/or configure event types and time range in the filter dialog.

Other Changes

  • Minor UI improvements and fixes.

Load Testing

  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified April 30, 2024