XTC v81



  • API v2 (still in preview)
    • The URLs of all existing API endpoints have been changed. We have reintroduced the orgs path element, so URLs now start with /public/api/v2/orgs/{org}/....

    • The API endpoints listing projects and load tests support paging. The paging responses have been enhanced with more details. This includes:

      • The offset, limit, and size of the current page.
      • The URL of the next and previous page.
      • Base and self URLs.

      See the API Explorer for details.

  • In the API Explorer, all endpoints now list the scopes required to call that endpoint more prominently in the description.
  • The system notification window has been redesigned for more clarity.

Load Testing

  • The charts on the Project Dashboard can now shrink a bit before wrapping to a new row, so the three charts typically fit in one row even on smaller screens.
  • When overriding the load profile settings in your test suite for a particular load test, you must now specify a value for each parameter, including the ramp-up and shutdown times. This is to ensure that the resulting load curve is exactly as shown in the graph.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified April 8, 2024