XTC v59



  • If you change the page size of a table, the new page size will now apply to all other tables in XTC as well.
  • The highlighting of the table row under the mouse pointer now takes a custom background color into consideration.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Load Testing

  • The provisioning process for agent machines has been improved. In case an agent machine could not be started successfully within a certain period of time, XTC tries to provision a replacement machine instead of aborting the load test.
  • The error messages shown on the Status tab of a load test have been improved to give more insights about what exactly went wrong.
  • Creating load test reports is faster now. The underlying machines have been replaced with more powerful ones.
  • When downloading a load test report or result archive, browsers now show the total download size and also a progress.
  • The rating value in the load test table is now displayed colorized so the different ratings are easier to spot.
  • Bulk delete of load tests is now available also if only one load test is selected.
  • Similar to load tests, you may now bulk-delete load test results or reports.
  • Sometimes the Scenario Status tab of a load test did not start auto-updating once the load test became running. Fixed.
  • The Build Tool and Build Dependency Cache sections on the Repository tab of a load testing project have been moved to the new tab Build.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified December 5, 2022