XTC v54



  • Minor UI fixes and improvements.

Load Testing

  • The load test table now lists the duration of finished load tests in a new sortable column.
  • Before a load test can be started, the underlying load test suite needs to be built which may take several minutes to complete. Most of that time can be attributed to the download of dependencies (XLT and other required libraries) from Maven Central. XTC now caches the downloaded dependencies so subsequent builds should run much faster. The cache expires automatically 14 days after the last load test was run. If you need to discard the cache, you can do so in the new section Settings > Repository > Build Dependency Cache of your load testing project.
  • Custom reports will be created from the latest available result in case none was explicitly chosen. When determining the latest result, XTC now skips pending or failed results as these typically don’t have result data attached (yet).
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:


  • Fixed an issue with monitoring alerts sometimes not being sent out via Slack.
  • SMS and Slack monitoring alert messages could contain characters in their HTML-escaped form, such as ". These characters are now shown literally.
Last modified August 22, 2022