What is XTC and what can you do with it?

What is XTC?

XTC (Xceptance Test Center) is the working title of a SaaS offering to deliver XLT as a service. It will increase efficiency, lower the time to test, and enables you to do all things you might have been doing manually before. It is still in development and continuously improved, but you can already use it. It allows you to:

  • manage your load test projects,
  • set up, configure, and run load tests,
  • evaluate load test runs and share the results, and
  • run continuous monitoring using browser-based test automation.

XTC load and monitoring service are based fully XLT, hence everything you know about Load Testing is valid. Test development still takes place in your IDE and test suites live in your preferred GIT repo.

XTC helps you to speed up the more tedious tasks of load testing:

  • It simplifies the test setup, allows to duplicate tests, comment on the setup as well as on the results.
  • It starts and stops all agent machines for you. You only have to define where you want the agents to be placed and how many agent you need.
  • It automatically starts and stops a test, collects all results, and creates a report.
  • It allows to share a test result quickly either as a secret public link or within your project setup.

XTC is getting better while you are reading this. Checkout the release notes to see what’s new!


XTC is not part of the XLT open source ecosystem. XTC is a growing SaaS offering by Xceptance. It is also extensively used internally at Xceptance.

Xceptance will announce the general availability of XTC as soon as a defined state of maturity is reached. If you are already a customer of Xceptance, feel free to contact us if you are interested in evaluating XTC, want to provide feedback, or even use it in production, because we already do that.

Last modified March 4, 2022