XTC v75


Load Testing

  • The Dashboard page of a load testing project now shows some charts to visualize how many load tests have a certain state or rating.
  • The Recent Load Tests section of the Dashboard page has been enhanced. It now shows all load tests that completed within the last 24 hours or, if there were none, the most recent completed load test.
  • The Status tab of a load test has been redesigned to be more compact and to better match the design of all other load test tabs.
  • The Reports tab on the Comparison page no longer lists all the reports in a project to choose from when creating a comparison report. Instead, you must explicitly select each report of interest to appear on the Reports tab. To do this, go to a load test report and click the To Be Compared context menu item. The report can be deselected again from this context menu, but it can also be removed from the Reports tab on the Comparison page.
  • When viewing a load test report, chart files with a ‘+’ character in their name would not load. Fixed now.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified November 17, 2023