XTC v51



  • When duplicating a project in your organization, the Slack integration settings are now copied to the new project as well.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements.

Load Testing

  • There is now more you can do right from the detail screen of a load test:
    • A load test can be duplicated and deleted here as well.
    • You can navigate to the next/previous load test.
  • The Slack configuration section has got two new options to influence the way Slack messages are displayed:
    • It is now possible to group load test update messages into a separate Slack thread. This helps keep related messages together.
    • You may choose between the regular message format and a more compact one with less information.
  • A load test can now be scheduled to run automatically at a certain time. See the new Schedule section on the Settings tab to configure the start time. When using this feature, make sure the configuration of the load test is complete and correct.
  • The Repository section on the Settings tab of a load test has been moved to the end as it is less frequently used.
  • When inviting a list of users to take part in an org or project, XTC will no longer complain if a user is already a member of that org or project as long as the new role matches the current role.
  • Currently available XLT execution environments:
Last modified June 20, 2022