XTC v45


Load Testing

  • The machine instance template xlarge has been renamed to large to make room for even larger machines in the future.
  • When creating a custom load test report, you may specify a description in the New Load Test Report dialog. That description was not saved. Fixed now.


Locking Members of an Organization

When a user is a member of an organization, but does not yet or no longer fulfill the current requirements imposed by the organization (mostly security-related), the user should be locked out, either automatically by the system or manually by an admin of the organization. When locked, the user remains a member of this organization, but can no longer see any data or perform any action.

As of now, a user can be locked out manually only. To this end, an organization admin may open the Members page, locate the user in question and click Lock Member in the context menu. To unlock the user again, click Unlock Member.

Other Noteworthy Changes:

  • In order to disable two-factor authentication for your XTC account, you now need to provide your regular password and a valid one-time password generated by your TOTP smartphone app.

  • When binding your XTC account to an external account, any previously set XTC password remains intact now. This means you can use both your XTC login data or your external account to sign in.

    In case you currently don’t have a working XTC password, you can request a new one anytime using the Forgot Your Password? link.

Last modified May 25, 2022