XTC v40.x


XTC v40.1


Load Testing

  • Fixed an issue when displaying load test reports. For reports that have been created months ago, the report pages show binary content instead of proper HTML.

XTC v40


Load Testing

Project-Wide Sharing Options

Load test reports and results can be shared with external users. Up to now, the share expiration date had to be configured for each share individually. It is now possible to define project-wide defaults on the new Sharing tab in the configuration section of a project. New shares will use that default unless configured otherwise.

We recommend using the default because if the share expiration time needs to be adjusted/prolonged, you can set the new default and it will apply to all existing shares alike. This also includes disabling these shares.

Note that you are still able to share artifacts with an individual expiration date. These shares won’t be affected in any way when changing/disabling the project-wide expiration date.

Other Important Changes:

  • Load test reports can now be created from any result. Just head over to the Results tab of a load test and choose Create Report from the context menu of the result in question.

  • Right after a user has clicked the Abort Load Test button, the button will be disabled for the current user, but also for all other users. This is to indicate that the abort procedure is in progress.

  • The list of supported Google data centers has been updated and now includes also:

    • Utah, USA
    • Nevada, USA
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Warsaw, Poland
    • Seoul, South Korea
    • Delhi, India
    • Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Melbourne, Australia
  • Regular and secret properties are now displayed with a monospace font. For regular properties, any custom formatting is preserved in both the editor and the read-only view. Properties can be selected/copied from the read-only view without losing their formatting.

  • All multi-line text boxes are now resizable vertically. Feel free to adjust the predefined size of a text box as needed when editing longer text context.

  • Fixed an issue that made it hard to enter small fractional values, such as 0.01, for the load factor.

  • Public Git repositories typically provide anonymous access via HTTPS. When configuring such a Git repo without authentication, XTC nevertheless complained about missing user credentials. Fixed now.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


  • In case you are a member of many organizations, your Dashboard page may take a while to load completely. That’s why the dashboard now shows the projects of the first 10 organizations only, but you can always click the Show More button to load more. Alternatively, use the project dropdown in the page header to quickly navigate to projects that are not listed by default.
Last modified May 25, 2022