XTC v39


Load Testing

  • Similar to load test reports, load test result archives may now be shared with users who aren’t XTC users yet. In case XTC was not able to download load test results from an XLT agent machine, it now retries the download several times before eventually giving up.
  • When creating an intermediate report, you may now exclude logs or result browsers from being downloaded. Use this feature to shorten report creation time.
  • Only one intermediate report can be created at a time. The trigger button is now disabled whenever another intermediate report is in progress.
  • Load test reports can already be browsed while they are still being uploaded. In order to indicate that the upload is not complete yet, the report icon remains in state Calculating until all artifacts have been uploaded.
  • If XTC fails to terminate an agent machine, it will now mark the Terminate Agents step on the Status tab of the load test as failed.
  • Same as for the other load test settings, the (secret) properties of a load test can no longer be edited once the load test has been started.
  • Load tests will now be executed with XLT 5.7.0.
  • UI improvements:
    • Various dialogs have been restyled and the wording polished.
    • Load tests and load test reports have gotten a larger description field so you can enter longer texts more easily.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
Last modified May 25, 2022