XTC v38



  • More visual enhancements and usability improvements in the UI.

Load Testing

  • Users may now configure secret XLT properties, at a load testing project or at a certain load test. Use secret properties to specify sensitive configuration values for your load tests, such as access credentials, tokens, or passwords. Secret properties behave the same as regular properties (see XTC 37, for more details). However, their values will be masked with ******, both in the load test report and in the result data set. When editing an existing secret property in the UI, its current value will be shown as ***. To redefine that setting, simply overwrite *** with the new value.
  • Load tests will now be executed with XLT 5.6.0.
  • Users with role Reviewer are now able to view the Scenario Status tab of a load test.
  • Even if a load test report can already be viewed, the corresponding report archive might not be available for download yet. The related context menu item is now disabled until the report archive is uploaded completely.
Last modified May 25, 2022