XTC v37



  • More visual enhancements and usability improvements in the UI.
  • Almost all edit forms and their view-only counterparts have been restyled.

Load Testing

  • The time until a freshly-created load test report can be viewed has been reduced. Not only is the upload itself faster now, but the report is also browse-able earlier, once the most essential report files have been uploaded. All other report files (the remaining charts, all result browser files, etc.) are being uploaded bit by bit in the background. So when you encounter a missing chart or result browser, please reload the report page at a later time.
  • It is now possible to define XLT properties in the UI. These properties may complement or overwrite the properties stored in the configuration files of your test suite. Use this feature to quickly reconfigure certain settings in your test suite without having to commit those changes. Properties configured at project level (see the Project Settings page) apply to all new load tests alike, while properties defined at a certain load test (see the Settings tab of the load test) apply to that load test only. Load-test-level properties will overwrite project-level properties.
  • Load tests in the load test table are now sorted by number by default. The sorting by relevance has been removed without replacement.


  • Monitoring scenarios that exceed a certain runtime will be aborted. Previously, this maximum runtime was system-defined and valid for all scenarios alike. Now you can specify this setting in the scenario defaults of a project, but you may also adjust it as needed for each scenario.
Last modified May 25, 2022