Download Results in Chunks, JSON Viewer for Request Bodies

XLT 7.2.0

See here for a complete list of all changes.

Load Testing

Chunked Download of Result Files

Up to now, the Master Controller has downloaded a load test result file from its Agent Controllers in one go. However, result files can become very large. Some devices or appliances in your network infrastructure, such as firewalls or similar, might impose certain limits on the maximum file size or connection lifetime. To accommodate to these limitations, the Master Controller will now download result files in chunks of 100 MB each. This and other aspects can be customized in the file <xlt>/config/mastercontroller.properties as follows:

com.xceptance.xlt.mastercontroller.download.chunkSize = 100000000
com.xceptance.xlt.mastercontroller.download.maxRetries = 1

XLT Framework

Viewer for JSON Request Bodies in the Result Browser

Similar to JSON response bodies, the XLT Result Browser now also features a viewer for JSON request bodies. See the new tab Request Body (JSON).


Posters and Demo Test Suites Removed from XLT

The XLT distribution archive no longer contains the samples subdirectory with the application server, the Posters Demo Store web application, and the “classic” test suites.

Posters is now available on its project page on GitHub. See the README for instructions on how to download and run Posters on your local machine.

The classic test suites are superseded by the official XLT demo test suites, which are available on GitHub as well:

Last modified August 28, 2023