The Demo App

How to get and run Posters, the demo application.

All XLT releases are shipped with the “Posters” demo application. Posters is a small e-commerce store and is used to learn and demo XLT. It can be found in the directory <XLT>/samples.

Posters is a shop software written in Java. Being small and easy to deploy, it is well suited to demonstrate testing with XLT.

To start the demo application open a terminal (or command prompt window) and type the following command sequence:

cd <XLT>/samples/app-server/bin

This starts an application server containing the Posters application. To access it, open a browser with this URL: http://localhost:8080/posters/. Please take some time to become familiar with Posters.

There is also a Posters demo store available. Please note: this setup is for testing purposes only and does not handle a lot of load. Please setup your own copy of the Posters demo store if you want to experiment with executions of higher load factors and more complex test configurations. The Posters store source code is also available on Github.

Last modified March 4, 2022