Load Testing

All about performance testing with XTC.


What Load Testing is used for, what you need and how it’s usually done.

Quick Start

How to start, stop and evaluate a predefined load test.

Project Configuration

Special configuration settings for load test projects in XTC.


The Dashboard page of loadtest projects and its use.

Load Tests Overview

All infos that are available on the Load Tests Overview.

Load Test Settings

Specific settings for your load test, e.g. load profile, repository, machine configuration, and more.

Creating a Load Test

How to create a new load test that’s ready to run.

Starting and Stopping

How to start and stop a load test

Monitoring the Test Run

How to monitor a load test in XTC.

Test Results

What test results are and how they are used.

Test Reports

How test reports for load tests can be created.

Test Evaluation

How to add a short evaluation to a test run.

Resource Usage

How XTC helps you to keep track of resource usage within your organization.

Last modified March 4, 2022