Xceptance Test Center

All about XTC and how to use it for performance testing and monitoring.

Xceptance Test Center (XTC) is the upcoming SaaS solution for XLT and related testing services, such as monitoring. This documentation as well as XTC itself are work in progress and will be progressively enhanced, in parts by your feedback.


What is XTC and what can you do with it?

Basic Structure

The basic structure of XTC. All about users, organizations and projects.

User Accounts

How to set up user accounts, 2FA and SSO in XTC.


Organizations in XTC and user roles within organizations.


Projects in XTC, how they work, how to create them and change project members.

Project Configuration

Which project wide configuration options you have and how to use them.

Audit Log

Information about which user did what in a project.

Last modified March 4, 2022