About advanced topics such as debugging, DNS, CI/CD and more.

Merge Rules

How to customize the reports further by splitting, combining, and renaming requests.

Custom Data

XLT supports additional data points beyond the typical automatic timers such as custom timers, counters, and external data retrieval. In addition, data from external source can be added during report generation.

Cloud Setup

How to set up a cluster of test machines in the cloud for load generation.


How to integrate XLT into CI/CD pipelines and evaluate the results.

Real Time Monitoring

How to Watch Performance Data Instantly in Your Graphite Instance

Result Data

All about the XLT result data which is captured during a performance test and stored in CSV files for further processing.


How to build and run using Maven.


How to build and run using Gradle.


How XLT handles DNS and what options you have to modify this handling as well as capture data.

Last modified March 4, 2022